One-to-One Support and Guidance

One-to-one sessions with development workers can be a valuable tool that can help you to solve problems, find possible funding avenues, discover and implement best practice, be confident of your compliance, set and achieve goals, plan for the future, improve communication and keep your stress levels in check. It can help you to build the organisation that you want.

Often one session will provide you with enough information and assistance for you to take your plans forward, but where you require or would like continuing support this is always available.

These sessions are often best face-to-face where being in the same room can create a unique space for new solutions, perceptions, realisations and ideas, but can be over the telephone, video chat or even email.

A development officer holds a neutral position and so can be totally honest and unbiased.  A one-to-one session can be about anything related to your organisation you feel that you would benefit from a disinterested position: governance, policies, funding, fundraising, finance, business planning, organisational development, changing the structure, marketing, in fact any and every aspect of running a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation. Where we can’t help, we will sign-post you to those who can.

If you want to book a session with our Development Team call them on 01480 420601 or email