Community-led climate change action

Project Abundance is an organisation with strong environmental values. Their food-growing activity is an example of how they use practical projects, to inspire community members to think about good environmental practices.

From an informal start, we have supported the project to formalise its structure as a CIC.

Now established the organisation want help to put their creative ideas into community-led climate change action.


Our development team supported the group in choosing a community-interest company structure and evaluating options for governance, funding, financial accountability, legal compliance, volunteering, and taxation. They provided a blend of expert training, practical hands-on support and shared resources to the group, who can now develop their ideas.


Benefit One 

With a recognised legal structure the organisation is now in a position where it can explore partnerships and income generation.

Benefit Two 

The support around policies ensures the organisation is compliant and safe so members of the community can be involved in their work..

Benefit Three

Financial and funding skills have increased the Directors’ skills and knowledge.


Hunts Forum have been great in helping us understand the process of registering a C.I.C along with guidance on our policies and legal responsibilities. A great network of support for start up business, charities or anything in between.”