From social care to social enterprise

Safe Soulmates aims to build a sustainable social enterprise that supports the Cambridgeshire community of adults with learning disabilities to reach their potential.

The founders started the Safe Soulmates CIC voluntarily after funding cuts meant the services they previously helped deliver ceased.

Moving from a grants-funded and social care model in a climate of financial hardship is a massive challenge, requiring their small staff team to be enterprising and strategic, whilst managing the support needs of their community on a day-to-day basis. Hunts Forum are pleased to support the staff team to achieve their objectives.

How did we help?

  • Additional funding for support costs was obtained.
  • Advised on partnership project plan
  • Good to Go Governance awarded

Impact One 

The development of the Huntingdonshire social community with opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to connect and thrive.

Impact Two 

A well-governed Community Interest Company with the credibility to attract resources and partners.

Impact Three

Co-designing and co-producing projects to grow a sustainable model of social enterprise.

The support we have had from Hunts Forum has been fundamental in helping us increase Safe Soulmates’s presence in Huntingdonshire; we have received funding from at least 3 bids so far. Moreover, they (Kathy!) have provided sound advice about a large collaborative bid we recently submitted and have signposted us to several other useful funders. I enjoy the ‘Fuddies’ funding group, it’s a mix of informal and professional and there is always useful information shared amongst all participants.”