Local resident with national reach

Donor Conceived UK (DCUK) is a peer-led charitable organisation set up by resident Laura who brings lived experience to represent donor-conceived individuals, donors and those affected by donor conception practices in the UK. Laura’s vision to provide support, education and advocacy for this community, reflects her commitment to addressing the unique needs and challenges of those involved in donor conception.

The emphasis on peer-led initiatives like DCUK is particularly powerful, as it allows individuals with lived experiences to advocate for and support others who may be going through similar journeys. This approach helps create a sense of community and understanding among those affected by donor conception practices.

Donor Conceived UK and Hunts Forum

Laura has attended training provided by Hunts Forum and received advice on charitable structures, potential funding opportunities and governance structures. This kind of support is crucial for the effective functioning and sustainability of charitable organisations, ensuring they are well-equipped to fulfil their missions.

Laura is at the start of her journey and Hunts Forum will continue to support her along the way.