Someone to Talk To

The Someone To Talk To service provided by Centre 33 has seen 71 young people use their drop-in and counselling service at the Huntingdon hub since the beginning of 2018. The top presenting issues for these young people were mental health (including anxiety, depression, stress and anger), family and friend relationships, education and work, being a young carer (which is a higher percentage of young people in Huntingdon drop-in than in other hubs), self-injury and having had a traumatic experience. 27 young people attended counselling sessions with Centre 33 in Huntingdon, attending an average of five sessions.

Young people attending the Huntingdon hub experience tended to experience particularly severe levels of distress. (30% of those referred into counselling had moderately severe or severe levels of distress when measured against the CORE-10 or YP-CORE evaluation scale. When compared to a national study, this group scored three times as high as the general population, but also higher than samples of people attending primary care or GP practices for mental health.) However, 80% of those who completed counselling saw a significant improvement in their CORE scores by the end of their counselling sessions.

Feedback from the people who attended the service

Centre 33 has been brilliant for me – completely turned my life around

I feel really comfortable here, and I can trust you

The sessions have given me more hope for the future

You’re the first people to talk and listen to me. Everyone else just talks to mum and not me.

My experience here has been a massive help! I was always told everything over the phone which I needed to know before coming. Communication was 10/10. My sessions helped me speak about my issues in a comfortable place and have really changed my way of dealing with anger. I appreciate all of the support I have received from my counsellor and the staff. It has been a positive step. thank you :)