Strategy Making Workshop For Voluntary Sector Organisations

Date: Tuesday 24th September

Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm Venue: In person Maple Centre

Why will this training be useful to me?

“Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action.” – Ellie Pidot, VP Medtronic

Having a plan in place makes such a difference.

Everyone knows where you are going, what their role is in getting, and what else you need to make it happen.

And if things need to change, you’ve got a common understanding of what you are changing from.

It helps improve wellbeing, motivation and engagement of your team, manage risks. And most importantly have better impact against your purpose.

There are three points when being clear on what your strategy is can be most critical:

1. When things are going really well. Because to sustain that means planning. If you’ve had a multi-year grant, or partnership, having a clear plan for how that contributes to the longer-term sustainability of the organisation is essential.

2. When things are about to change or have changed. A change in funding, a change in Leadership. Having clarity to support people through the process will make the change more successful.

3. When things aren’t going well. Funding is more difficult, demand is increasing, staff are feeling the burden, and things feel difficult.

But strategy is often the job that is just out of reach. Not quite clear who is responsible. And pushed down the agenda for the more urgent day-to-day matters.

Having a strategy will provide clarity on responsibility, and improve the ability to respond to pressures.

What outcomes can you expect from this training

· Increase your confidence in being strategic, and making strategy a part of the everyday

· Have a toolkit for more effective strategic planning

· Identify the first steps you can take towards developing and implementing a strategy in your organisation

Who should attend this training

Leaders, trustees, CEOs and staff who are interested in determining where their organisation is heading and want to influence the process in their organisation.

About the trainer

This session will be run by Ali Lyons, an experienced charity leader, fundraiser, and small charity consultant who is determined to help more charities have a better approach to achieving their value.

Please follow the link to book the training. If you have any queries please contact

Please note training materials, including slides and handouts, are ONLY made available to those who attend the sessions.