6 Things smart trustees will be thinking about in 2024

1. How to be more enterprising

Don’t wait until your grants run out, think about how your organisation can be more enterprising with social purpose.

Look out for our Good to Know session in January 2024 and support from Allia to help you make those first steps

2. Embedding climate change actions in all of your decision-making

This could be in your environmental policy, the way you consume energy or the way you invest your reserves. Demonstrating your commitment to addressing climate change will soon be a prerequisite for many major funders and contractors.

Our Good to Know session in February with PECT will start exploring how individual organisations can implement an environmental policy

3. Relationship building

If you really want to achieve your mission to improve the lives of or make a place great to live in, you know you are more likely to succeed when you work with others. Relationships are important.

Keep in touch with all our networking events in 2024

4. Be confident about your compliance, risk assessment and safeguarding

Don’t get bogged down with the legislation, think clearly about what you legally need to do, the risks the organisation faces and whether you need to make changes.

Look out for our Good to Go Governance sessions over 2024 to help you look at how you may support your organisation be safe and legal.

Join our First Aid Training February 2024 Emergency First Aid At Work Tickets, Thu 15 Feb 2024 at 09:30 | Eventbrite

5. Connecting, influencing and supporting your organisation through social media

Are you flying the flag for your organisation by using social media? In 2024 Hunts Forum will be bringing you sessions on how to get started and make the best use of social media.

6. What do your financial accounts say about your organisation?

Your year-end account and report are not just about compliance but it’s how important funders will view and judge the organisation for its funding worthiness. Make sure you present the organisation as it wants to be seen with good financial year-end practice.

Join our financial year-end training in January 2024 Year End Accounts Preparation, Accounting Issues & Reporting Tickets, Tue 30 Jan 2024 at 09:30 | Eventbrite