Our partners

Hunts Forum works in partnership with a range of other organisations that provide support to voluntary and community sector organisations including Cambridge CVS, Cambridgeshire ACRE, Living Sport and Care Network


Support Cambridgeshire Partnership

Support Cambridgeshire is a partnership funded by Cambridgeshire County Council, bringing together infrastructure organisations who work together to support community groups and organisations across Cambridgeshire. Support Cambridgeshire delivers better outcomes for local organisations across the county, with the expectation of a more robust and more vibrant voluntary and community sector. Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations lead the partnership, supported by Cambridge Council for Voluntary Services.



We are a member of the following local, regional and national bodies.

Hunts Forum works in partnership with and is funded by:

All partners organisations are strongly committed to partnership working in order to add value and strengthen core activities, and that all front-line organisations should have access to the same quality of service wherever they are.