Discover the Power of Volunteer Cambs: Your Ultimate Volunteering Hub in Cambridgeshire!

Volunteers are the lifeblood that keeps your organisation thriving as a community group. They play essential roles in your committees and management teams, advocate for your cause, fundraise on your behalf, and enable you to fulfil your mission. In fact, you might even be a volunteer yourself!

However, one undisputable fact is, that it’s becoming increasingly evident to us: recruiting volunteers is becoming more challenging, even when you believe you’re doing everything right. We recognise that this challenge is not unique to your group but affects many organisations. That’s why, in addition to offering support, advice, and workshops, we are now bringing you Volunteer Cambs.

Volunteer Cambs is a website that empowers members of the public to explore various ways they can contribute to their community. It serves as a unified hub for non-profit organisations to showcase their initiatives and engage with local communities.

We are thrilled to be joining the ranks of Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Peterborough in creating our community engagement portal. This initiative is particularly significant in light of recent reports, such as NCVO’s ‘Time Well Spent Report‘, which highlights a decline in volunteer numbers and increasing barriers to volunteering.

The site offers a range of functions beyond promoting your volunteer opportunities. It provides personalisation options, opportunities to integrate with your website, data and analytics to track your volunteer roles, and a means to communicate with potential volunteers through one system, eliminating the need for personal email accounts.

As a member of our organisation, we want to ensure you are aware of this exciting website and remind you that we are here to support you in accessing its services. Our staff are trained to assist you in uploading appealing and engaging volunteer opportunities that will attract a diverse pool of volunteers. So have a play and log on today!

We invite you to join us in early 2024 to promote this website to the people of Cambridgeshire. Stay tuned for more information! Sign up to the Support Cambridgeshire newsletter to find out when workshops are launched and how you can support in promoting to the public – Sign up here!

Our supporters:

NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICB

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Resilience Forum