The Huntingdonshire CIC supporting families who have fled domestic abuse

Hunts forum member and local charitable organisation the Property Angels Foundation CIC Recently held several phenomenal fund-raising events.  In October was their second Annual Angels Ball. The prestigious event held at The Priory Centre St Neots was attended by over 200 guests and raised a massive £15,779.77 to support families fleeing domestic abuse.

This figure has now risen to over £16,000 thanks to a generous donation by the St Neots Ladies Circle who held a band night featuring ‘The Roxton Press’ Band at St Neots Rugby Club.  The intimate event raised a massive £907.19

In addition to their own fundraising, Hunts Forum supported an application to The Cambridgeshire Community Fund which awarded £15,000 towards their Back to Life Support Project.

The project helps families who have fled domestic abuse in their hour of need by sourcing items for their home, such as white goods, flooring and furniture.

Families are most vulnerable when have fled domestic abuse.  If they don’t have the items they need to start them on their journey to independence and freedom, simple home comforts we all take for granted, then there is a strong risk they may return to their perpetrator.

98% of the accommodation offered to families fleeing, comes without even the barest of essentials – no beds, no fridge, no cooker, no flooring, sometimes even no lightbulbs.

These families are already at their lowest, and the added pressure of furnishing and paying for flooring for the whole home is not only overwhelming in a difficult situation, but for many, simply impossible.


To learn more of the work The Property Angels Foundation do in the community visit their website or visit their Facebook page.